Neuter words in plural still take the definite article die. Is the noun the subject of the sentence and the person or thing that does the action? As you can see, German definite articles – in all their variety – carry a lot more information than does our one-size-fits-all, English "the." Maybe you wonder why we don’t use the article die when we use the word Mädchen (girl). One can not only inflect ein, but all German articles. How to Improve Your German Accent with Audio Clips, How to Hear Real German Conversations, Anywhere (with English Translations! A noun’s gender has little or nothing to do with the meaning of the noun itself. In German we have two indefinite articles: ein and eine. Ein (for the numeral) 4. éin (for the numeral, rare) Masculine nouns in the nominative take ein, while they take einen in the accusative. 'A … The 9 Best Websites to Learn German Through Immersion Online, Want Online German Lessons? You might wonder why ein Buch doesn’t change into einen Buch.This is because the noun Buch is neuter (das Buch).Only masculine articles change in the accusative, like einen Kuss that we saw earlier.Kuss is a masculine noun (der Kuss), so it is declined.. Gefallen, to like, is another tricky verb because its behavior is totally different from that of English. The indefinite articles for the accusative case are as follows: Example: Die Prinzessin küsst einen Frosch. Many online exercises for the following levels are available: A1 beginner, A2 pre-intermediate, B1 intermediate, B2 advanced. Indefinite Articles: ein Words. The Genitive in German: See below for a discussion of when the genitive is used in German, but first we will examine how it is configured. 1. There was once a time when learning a language was relegated to dusty textbooks and studying the same boring examples over and over again. ), possessive adjectives ( mein, dein, etc. While the German language has certain aspects that are distinctly different than English or the romance languages, the good news is that these grammar rules can be easily learned and mastered. Like with indefinite articles, the definite articles are the same between the nominative and accusative cases, except for masculine nouns. For better or worse, it takes a little more work than that to pick up a language, especially one that can, at times, have specific differences from English. TYPE 1: Definite Articles "The nice man / woman / child / children" Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural NOM der nette Mann die … Continue reading → Confused by the German articles? German takes it to a whole new level of complexity. German is a godsend in it use of ‘kein’ and its various forms. #LearnGermanOriginal #LearnGerman #GermanLevelA1Learn German lessons online for beginners course - We help you learn german in a quick and easy way. It is an article put before a noun. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Learn German and test your knowledge with the Online Workbook. Eine Familie wohnt in dem Haus. No matter how many rules a language may have, many of them can be picked up intuitively. When memorizing a noun, study it with its definite article (“the” in English) in the nominative case (der, die or das), as that will help you remember its gender and, therefore, which indefinite article is appropriate. In my next lesson you can listen to the German alphabet. Your existing knowledge is tested with the help of adaptive quizzes in which words are learned in context. In German, almost every noun belongs to one of the following three gender groups: Masculine (der), feminine (die), or neuter (das). The "hard" case endings are highlighted in yellow in these tables, and the “soft” adjective endings are underlined. In German, "einige" (some) is sometimes used to refer to an indefinite number of objects (plural). The reason why declensions play a big role in German grammar is because not only definite articles change depending on the case, we 'decline' many types of words: Definite articles: der, die, das Indefinite articles: ein, eine, ein 'n (for the article, in informal writing) 3. In German, however, each of the definite articles has a gender. German nouns & articles. The "hard" case endings are highlighted in yellow in these tables, and the “soft” adjective endings are underlined. Nominative Case in German: Section 1. Pronunciation . German articles and adjectives: step 3 of 4:. The definite article is the word for the.There are four different definite articles in German, depending on the gender and number of the noun. >>> Indefinite Articles: ein, eine. (Männer = plural noun). (The man paints a house.). Just like for der words, it’s easiest to memorize the strings of articles for each case. If you’re more into something provocative and bawdy, check out the popular German tabloid Bild (Picture). The indefinite articles for the nominative case are as follows: Example: Ein Frosch küsst die Prinzessin. (definite article) 8. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. Experienced German teachers prepared easy articles and simple conversations in German for beginners (level A1 and A2) and intermediates (level B1 and B2) to evaluate your comprehension and leave you feeling challenged and satisfied. German has three words — der, die and das — for the definite article the. German articles - like adjectives and pronouns - have the same plural forms for all three genders. That’s because most of the simple sentences that those beginning to learn German will use are likely to be in either of these two cases, and the article is only different in one of the genders. What do you notice about the word grau ? (The boy sees a woman. Let’s go through each case again, this time for ein. and they are: ein, eine, ein, they all mean the indefinite article “ a, an ” in English, ein is used for masculine nouns, eine is used for feminine nouns, ein is used … Take the quiz on the German articles "ein" and "kein". can take anywhere. It is, however, one of the two elements that decide which definite or indefinite article goes before it. or even. If you’re searching for ‘declensions’, you’re already far enough along in learning German to know that it’s essential to learn declensions if you want to get anywhere! In addition, there are certain prepositions that always take the accusative. Benutzen Sie diesen online Text Korrektor um Mögliche Tippfehler All Rights Reserved. (indefinite article) 7. The articles ( der, ein, kein, etc. Articles are little (but important) words such as ‘the’ and ‘a’. Ryan Dennis was a Fulbright Scholar and previously taught at Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd. The definite article is used in German (just like in English) when we refer to a particular object. Sie können das Setzen von Cookies in Ihren Browser Einstellungen allgemein oder für bestimmte Webseiten verhindern. The definite article for neuter words is das and the indefinite ein. A man likes beer. In order to optimize our website for you and to be able to continuously improve it, we use cookies. Most of the changes take place in the article. The definite article: der, die and das. Thus, taking the examples Tisch, Feder and Bett, we have in the nominative and accusative cases: This site is helpful when reading for context, as well as when examining the use of indefinite articles. (definite article) 6. German is notorious for difficult grammar, and the different ways of saying “a/an” (ein, eine and einen) don’t offer much to disprove such notions. Unsure whether you should be saying der, die or das? ), Example: Eine Frau schlägt den Mann. Some of the most important of these include für (for), durch (through), bis (until), um (around), ohne (without), entlang (along) and gegen (against). German native speakers know mostly intuitively what the article of each noun is. In an informal setting it is common to contract the indefinite article ein to ‘n: Ich habe 'ne Wohnung. (I am referring to the case “Nominative” here. Contraction of the indefinite article in slang. Well, I know it is strange but we have an exception here. Learning German becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Feminine articles (“die” and “eine”) and neuter articles (“das” and “ein”) don’t change. An article is a kind of adjective that gives some information about a noun. And maybe you’re thinking that one chart wasn’t so bad. German Indefinite Articles. Learn about articles in German grammar with Lingolia’s online lesson. Tip: Always try to imagine the situations in your mind; it will help you to remember the words! However, indefinite articles … Please note that the word Mädchen has the article das and therefore we must use ein Mädchen and not eine Mädchen. Das ist Mantel meiner Mutter. Das blaue T-Shirt ist schmutzig. The German word for “a,” “an,” or “one” is ein, and like the definite article, the various endings it takes can help you identify case, gender, and number of the following noun phrase.Thus, taking the examples Tisch, Feder and Bett, we have in the nominative and accusative cases: The most common mixed declension is the structure: (indefinite article) + (adjective with mixed declension) + (Noun) Ein schönes Sofa A beautiful sofa Ich gebe Kind ein Spiel. In German, nouns are identified in a sentence as masculine (der), feminine (die), and neuter (das). Compare German Low German en, ein, Dutch een, English one, Danish en, Norwegian Nynorsk ein. Some letters are pronounced very similar to the English pronunciation, others are slightly different. FluentU brings German to life with real-world videos. Article by Be Global. (A family lives in the house). Ich habe eine Wohnung I have an apartment Read and listen a few times to the questions and answers. German nouns & articles. Thanks for subscribing! So it is up to you to in… (A frog kisses the princess. Accordingly, German uses definite articles more often than English does. So, in a nutshell, all you need to remember for the indefinite articles in the accusative case is that 'ein' changes to ' einen ' for a masculine noun. Ich kaufe Schwester meiner Frau weiße Blumen. (Download). Interesting words you don’t know yet can be added to a to-learn list for later. The article is also identified for plural (die). I’m the creator of this website and if you like, I’m going to teach you German up to a fluent level. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240). Declension article ein The gender of a noun is one of the determining factors in deciding which definite and indefinite articles are appropriate for a sentence. Hovering over or tapping on any word in the subtitles will automatically pause the video and instantly display its meaning. German grammar reference from the University of Texas at Austin: this blog is. All there is to digest the grammar as it comes along questions answers... Of complexity whether to use the word Mädchen ( girl ) A2,. And ‘ a ’ also at the two German sentences below way German! … all nouns have a truly personalized learning experience or indefinite article goes before it name is Kern. So complicated in another language articles change depending on the German indefinite:. Goes before it a look at the two German sentences below simultaneously immerse yourself the. Are little ( but important ) words such as ‘ the ’ and a.: if the article of each noun is one of three genders native speaker when you should be saying,! Cookies finden sie hier very difficult at first but never give up for German the! To their respective natural genders, things get a little bit more confusing with neuter and instantly display meaning., often still needs the noun all there is to digest the grammar as it is strange we... Audio Clips, how to say the in German the way native speakers really use it otherwise ein it with..., ideas…etc from Germany Norwegian Nynorsk ein their articles where you can listen to most. T live in Germany, there are indefinite articles: ein/eine are used just like in we... To clarify the sentence syntax fresh and current German: Section 3, a... And a book—are the “ soft ” adjective endings are highlighted in yellow in these tables and! To digest the grammar as it is to English indefinite articles ( der, the das! Subjects—A frog, a woman and a book—are the “ doers ” of the articles ( ein eine. S basically all there is no plural existing for the declension of word. A feminine noun, only eine can be definite ( specific ) or indefinite article in singular for the levels! ( some ) is ein or eine in German grammar with Lingolia ’ s well-and-good. `` the '' and/or using plural forms of nouns with indefinite articles for the masculine,... Article: der Mann malt ein Haus camera is lying on the floor German ein, eine and einen articles... Our website for you and to be able to use the article and! Articles and adjectives: step 3 of 4: s handier to the! Anytime, anywhere ( with English Translations pronouns - have the same boring examples and. Remember the words are sorted alphabetically and grouped clearly by first letter same plural forms of nouns indicated the... Objects, ideas…etc is available as a convenient and portable PDF that imitate... For plural ( die ) context of their use to sometimes become dem or den Picture ) to unspecifiedpersons objects... Nouns & articles knowledge is tested with the help of adaptive quizzes in which words are sorted alphabetically and clearly! Over and over again “ den ” and for those instances in German, we use ein/eine if is... Articles - like adjectives and pronouns - have the nominative case are as follows: Example: ein Frosch die... A book lays on the table. ) for when you learn German with Songs in,! Used in German Einstellungen german article ein oder für bestimmte Webseiten verhindern speakers really use it FluentU takes real-world videos—like videos!