1 Story 2 Characters 3 Notes 3.1 Errors 3.2 Other Haunted by the lack of gossip in the school, Spectra searches for news for her blog. He also has over 4,080,000 place visits. Mindless automatons that obey the orders of their evil masters. Darcio turns into a bat and hisses at Twitch and Vinegar. 207 articles since April 22, 2012 Please read the Site Policy before you start editing! A long time ago, the forest and lake at Hawin had been left undisturbed for years and was an escape from the busy world of the rest of Sodor. ", Aine: "Of course it's me, Mio. Twiztid Haunted High-Ons: The Darkness Rises » Twiztid Haunted High-Ons: The Darkness Rises #3 released by Source Point Press on July 2019. Anything related to the 2012 Syfy original movie Haunted High. When a 1950s time capsule is knocked open, it allows the ghost of Danforth and his female assistant to escape. Theremind, dressed as a pirate, Bonkers, dressed as a knight, Poppette, dressed as a policeman, Yuggler, dressed as a mystical elf, Tapricorn, dressed as a samurai, Rooba, dressed as a witch, Periscorp, dressed as a cowboy and Gloptic, dressed as a musketeer walk by. Haunted High School of 1980 is rightfully owned by Hanadera Jerrica.Do not edit this page without her permission. In the great city of New York, and on the hustling and bustling subways. Ayumu Uehara, dressed as Morrigan, Kasumi Nakasu, dressed as a policewoman, Shizuku Osaka, dressed as a harem dancer, Karin Asaka, dressed as a rabbit girl, Ai Miyashita, dressed as a cowgirl, Setsuna Yuuki, dressed as a hula dancer, Kanata Konoe, dressed as Giga Mermaid, Emma Verde, dressed as a barbarian and Rina Tennoji, dressed as Shantae walk passed them. that aired on Free Network on October 25, 2020. Clothcraft (81/92), Woodworking (18/29) Yield: Haunted Muleta x 1 Wind Crystal 1 x Spectral Goldenrod 1 x Spectral Crimson 1 x Yew Lumber None None None Only obtainable through synthesis. Female Acolyte (Misty Marshall) is a seconday antagonist in the 2012 made for TV movie "Haunted High", produced by Syfy. and the 29th episode overall. Lady Frightmare: "Hello, Aine and Mio, good to see you, Happy Halloween.". Stop, I could've dropped my croissant! Welcome to the official Haunted Hathaways Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to the all new Nickelodeon supernatural family sitcom, Haunted Hathaways, starring Amber Montana. Ortega stated that pre-production would most likely start in January 2008. This episode is named after the song "Haunted" by Kelly Clarkson. The TV special ties into the Haunted - Student Spirits and Haunted - Getting Ghostly lines. Monster High Haunted is a 2015 Direct-To-Video release of the Monster High franchise. An aftershock turns the Glee Club's practice dance number into a mayhem and the school is on lockdown. The Mystery of the Haunted Subway is the third episode of season 7, The Unsleeping City: Chapter II. Haunted High, also known as Ghostquake, is a 2012 Syfy original movie directed by Jeffery Scott Lando and stars Jonathan Baron, Gabe Begneaud, and Charisma Carpenter. While exploring an old hospital, the gang meets Kristen Schal. 1. It is based off the Thomas & Friends Series 5 episode of the same name. Metamorphosis 3. Haunted 2. http://dvd.box.sk/index.php?pid=cove2&p=v&rid=121614&&por=3&mod=front+back, https://syfychannel.fandom.com/wiki/Haunted_High?oldid=4606. Images from the 2003 film The Haunted Mansion. With two hero minifigures, Douglas Elton, a cute ghost dog figure and 4 other minifigures, this school toy is designed for role-play fun." Apple gets the green mask from the Courage the Cowardly Dog intro and scares everyone. Later, Rose, Aine and Mio are at the street. The Kasumi and Hanamaru painting moment was originally deleted. Because of Chiyu being Bloo's favorite, haha. He was working on the third episode of his Bloody Mary series: "Bloody Mary .:Gone:.". Haunted Stoneshells are a type of Crab, found in the Ugdenbog area of Act 5. Sweet: Ahhh! She is voiced by Karen Strassman. Miette arrives, dressed as a vampire as Sana (as a ghost girl), Camillot (as a sheet ghost with chains), Mixadel (as the Grim Reaper), Nodoka (as a Gothic queen), Chiyu (as a black kitten), Hinata (as a creepy dead clown), Orange Gakoid (as a Zombie), Pink Gakoid (as a witch), Yellow Gakoid (as a ghost in chains), Blue Gakoid (as a striped werehyena), Twilight Sparkle (as a Frankenstein-esque fairy girl), Fluttershy (as a Lolita fairy princess), Pinkie Pie (as a punk fairy), Applejack (as a dark angel), Rarity (as a diamond princess), Rainbow Dash (as a mystical elf), Spike (as a gentleman), Strawberry Shortcake (as a Victorian princess), Orange Blossom (as Rouge from Power Stone), Lemon Meringue (as Papi the Harpy), Blueberry Muffin (as a dead incubus), Raspberry Torte (as a vampire cat with fake blood and a fake chainsaw), Plum Pudding (as a witch), Cherry Jam (as a weeping angel), Huckleberry Pie (as a viking), Sour Grapes (as a dark princess), Sweet Grapes (as a princess), Apple Dumplin (as a pumpkin), Booger (as a ghost in slime and a green cap), Scrud (as a ghost in icy frost and a witch's hat), Blip (as a ghost in dirt and fake metal claws under the sleeves), Zabo (as a ghost in blood and a scythe) and Jamzy (as a punk-rock vampire) came along with her. The spirits possess Principal Spiro and the other faculty and students. that aired on Free Network on October 25, 2020. Haunted Henry is the Halloween special of The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends series 1. Sunrise 5. Below is a list of linked articles that, either partially or fully, share the title Haunted. Gothic (2012): Another house with amazing sets but repetative scareactors. The Haunted are the most common antagonistic force encountered in The Evil Within. After the school board decides that the quake was caused by a gas leak in the basement, the homecoming party will go as planned. Thanks for inviting us to your party, Lady Frightmare! The students must solve the school's urban legend if they are to defeat the ghosts[1]. Aine gets tangled up in the white sheet, running around like a ghost. Rose: "It's okay, I'll take Aine and Mio trick-or-treating.". Aine: "Thanks for taking me and Mio trick-or-treating. Orange Gakoid: We have come! A significantly cheaper but slightly slower option is to use a Barrows teleport tab. This is because the title Haunted is suitable for more than one subject covered on the Monster High Wiki. Sunset ← PreviousVolume 15: The Cleaners Haunted is the first chapter of the sixteenth volume of Cause of Death. 1 Prologue 2 Act One 3 Act Two 4 Act Three (Opening shot: the crescent moon, partially hidden behind dark clouds in the night sky. ", Rose: "No problem. All know the fanfare and revelry of the big apple during Halloween. Aine: Hey, I'm a kid, I shouldn't be hearing all of this! is the third episode of the second season of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? I am a ghost for Halloween!" ", Twitch: They could get much worse, my friend. Filming ran from August 17 until August 27, 2015. Haunted Skeletons are enemies found in the Haunted Wasteland, the fifth environment of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, introduced in the Cursed Bargain Mini-Campaign. Royale High, formerly Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School, is a high school themed roleplaying game on Roblox made by callmehbob.It is set across magical realms for royalty, fairies, mermaids, and other magical creatures. The series was first shown on Living TV between 25 May 2002 and 21 July 2010, a new online edition aired on 31 October 2013 with Really taking over broadcast from August 2014. Principal Revenant, also known as the Red Lady, is the main antagonist of the Monster High TV special, Haunted. Its followers are Happy Halloween, Everybody!, Halloween Is Silly Night and Haunt You Every Day. This is the transcript for the episode "Haunted". The other Aine takes off her suit to reveal Booger. This is the Halloween Special. The female assistant is a Female Acolyte, which is a ghost. "Kids will love to build and play with this school playset and try to defeat the ghost figures haunting the school.