On the other hand, they were also xenophobic, and any knowledge gained from other cultures was used as a means of gaining an advantage over a potential foe. Force-Sensitive Chiss that are exiled do sometimes join the Jedi or Sith, but that is a very rare occurrence.[36]. The mandate of the Expansionary Fleet, in contrast, was defined as guarding the Chiss frontier and exploring unknown space beyond the edge of the Ascendancy, and its forces included Picket Forces commanded by officers known as Force Commanders (sometimes shortened to Commander; Crahsystor in Cheunh). When the Chiss learnt of this, they attempted to recall Fehlaaur as they did not want to be dragged into the resultant conflict. Death Star. The only known members of the Chiss species to wield the Force openly are Dark Acolyte and CIS general Sev'rance Tann, Jedi Antaria Wellos, Jedi Padawan Nuru Kungurama and Jedi Master Dazh Ranos. During that time, the Galactic Alliance suffered greatly for the incident surrounding the Ossus Project which served as an incentive for the Empire to declare war against them. [6] Chiss officers, as seen by Jagged Fel during the Yuuzhan Vong War, informed the New Republic that the highest structures of power and influence within the Family hierarchies were kept largely secret from those outside them. Average height And House Sabosen was responsible for law and order, healthcare and education. TIE Fighter (he actually called them TIE Fighters because they looked like bowties). [20][21] During the war, a diplomatic effort was launched by the Galactic Republic under the direction of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to make contact with the Chiss Ascendancy. Her name in game is Kressley, but she took it from ID she stole from someone she killed. It was known that the Council was capable of objecting in cases where a Ruling Family was conducting actions to upset the delicate power balance such as by forcibly taking advanced alien technology to provide their forces with an advantage over the others. He proposed the creation of this group after explorations efforts yielded several resource rich worlds. Mitth is his immediate family name, and Nuruodo is his clan name. [13] Much of their expansion was governed by the need to gather resources without upsetting their homeworld's ecosystem. [19] Her lover, Vandalor, also served as a bounty hunter during the conflict. [4] It is possible that marriage was involved in matching, although no mention is yet known that indicates an institution of marriage among the Chiss. Remove this message when finished. Notable instances included Droma Ordo and the trader Tyrral who resided at Station Gamma in 1 ABY. Star Wars is a Disney Movie and the related characters including Yoda and Sith are trademarks of Disney. The first part is their family name, the second part is their personal name, and the third part is their occupation, clan or 'second' family name (like a military family). Those Chiss caught in the middle of inter-house rivalries spent much of their time in intelligence gathering in order to get useful information that could be used for blackmail even if it was only capable of being used many years in the future. [19][22], The Chiss were notable for having developed their technology independently from outside sources though they managed to develop analogs of many standard galactic technologies. Mitth'raw'nuruodo. [17] Admirals differed greatly compared to normal military personnel as they did not wear military black but instead wore a dazzling white uniform that covered them from collar to boots. The Chiss strategy, however, proved to be effective until UnuThul used his connection to the Myrkr strike team to draw them to his side in the conflict. Csilla—ice-girt homeworld and political capital of the Chiss. To outsiders, clawcraft had only been a recent encounter during the era of the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. With their leaders either dead or separated from them, it was believed that the Colony would revert to its former base behavior thus negating the threat they posed to the Chiss Ascendancy.[30]. He wants pictures. [26], As a general rule, Chiss did not take part in any action that would bring shame on their house with entire family lines exiled due to the actions of a single member. For more, make sure you’re following us on our Instagram @io9dotcom. As such, Chiss often responded when an individual called out the rank rather than their name. [1] [6], The long spacefaring history of the Chiss led to the creation of a superior combat force with their starfighter pilots being infamous throughout the Unknown Regions. Admirals of the Defense Hierarchy took direct command of Defense Fleet battlegroups, and also held oversight over the Expansionary Fleet. This was seen in the development of the Parasite bomb[30] bio-weapon and their use of deadly radiation bombs. At this point, the Chiss began assembling a strike force for this new conflict while their scout ships began searching for their enemy's bases. [6] Members of the ruling class of Chiss were notable for being an aristocracy within their society. Aug 16, 2020 - Explore Richie Hutchings's board "Chiss" on Pinterest. The impression held by the galaxy was that the Chiss were arrogant, aloof and calculating beings. These events furthered the genetic changes notably seen in their skin tone and eyes. Due to the remote position of their home territory in the Chiss Ascendancy they remained largely an enigma to the rest of the galaxy, and contact with outsiders was limited even in the days of the Galactic Alliance. Star Wars: Empire at War Heaven » Forums » Star Wars Universe » Chiss Female Names: Bottom: Topic Subject: Chiss Female Names: Bronzie Ensign (id: Boris Broznie) posted 06-27-02 04:42 AM EDT (US) I need help with something. He also uses it when he eventually makes his way into the part of the Star Wars galaxy as we know it, because speakers of Basic—space-English, basically—find full Chiss names hard to pronounce. Leaving the command ship intact in a move to secure face-to-face communication, Thrawn boarded the Trade Federation Battleship, which led to a meeting with Doriana—and a HoloNet discussion with Sidious, himself—who persuaded Thrawn that the Jedi expedition could not be allowed to blunder into the Yuuzhan Vong. In combat situations, Chiss acted both calmly and intelligently as well as formed well planned strategies. [12], A Chiss during the reign of the Old Republic, The origins of the Chiss were largely unknown, even to the Chiss themselves, though some scientists thought that they were the result of a long forgotten Human colony that had been lost to time. Similarly, the Chiss knew virtually nothing of the New Republic or its worlds while maintaining the policy that Thrawn was a renegade that brought dishonor to the rest of his people. [4], Thrawn engineered a clash between the Vagaari and Outbound Flight, weakening both sides to the point at which his small patrol force could effectively end both threats, but the resulting battle did not unfold according to his plan: while C'baoth was attempting to kill Thrawn using the Force, a remnant of the Vagaari force was able to flee to hyperspace, and a series of Chiss radiation bombs designed for the Vagaari command craft were unintentionally detonated aboard the Dreadnaughts. This was done so in a manner that was not comfortable to the Chiss which the ruling families pretended to be oblivious of though the average citizen were well aware of these activities. A few rare Chiss even achieved official rank in the Imperial military. Admiral Ar'alani of the Defense Hierarchy and possibly Sev'rance Tann of the CIS seem to have eliminated their Family designation from their names. At the same time, the Chiss took steps that ensured that they did not take advantage of the hive-minded insectoids as well as took stringent precautions under their own control to prevent any of their kind from becoming Joiners. Consider the very first Chiss character that we see in Star Wars to get the idea of how Chiss names work. Star Wars is full of cool bullshit which is, in many ways, why we love such an absurd behemoth in the first place. Cheunh was a complex, dense tongue that used comparatively few core words and an involved syntax to express ideas; more complicated ideas were expressed by combining related words into a larger whole. In fact, all warriors were made merit adoptives when they were accepted either into the Defense Fleet or the Expansionary Fleet. [22], Thrawn continued to persist in his challenges to the first-strike doctrine of the Ascendancy in the belief that it made his people weak. I suggest you address me by my core name: Thrawn. Thus, their scientists worked on creating a habitable hyperspace bubble whilst combating field decay though others worked on outfitting automated drones with early hyperdrives with specialized beacons that was responsible for developing the early navigational anchor-points throughout the Unknown Regions. Although none at the time would know it, Thrawn's highly favorable first impression made on Palpatine would ultimately change the galaxy and its perception of the Chiss people forever. This in turn resulted in a culturally-imprinted emotional maturity that was many times above that of their Human counterparts. Though Thrawn was an exceptional member of his species, his rational approach to problem solving was shared by the ruling families that governed the Chiss Ascendancy. See more ideas about Grand admiral thrawn, Star wars art, Star wars. [9] This moral imperative was so pervasive in their culture that they exiled Thrawn from their society for breaching it. Homeworld [4] In addition, political assassinations were apparently a real part of Chiss political life for the Ruling Families and other allied kin-groups. The Chiss had a keen interest in art and science and were skilled in mathematics. [11] House Inrokini was responsible for technological research, manufacturing, and the information infrastructure. Extremely bullshit, and very cool (some of the time). Thus, ultimately, military command was merit-based and did not involve any family connections. Generate 50 random names now!) [6] Striking first was thus an anathema to their discipline with even tactically sound preemptive strikes being the subject of controversy. [11] The Csapla dictated colonial issues, natural resources and agriculture whilst the Nuruoda handled the military as well as foreign affairs. A fortunate turn of events came when a Chiss patrol in the Redoubt discovered the remains of the Outbound Flight and quickly reported its findings. This was prior to any renewed contact with the Republic. [17] Under normal circumstances, the Ascendancy's relations with the rest of the galaxy were governed by a strict, formal policy of non-aggression backed up by strong defensive preparations; although the Chiss did not, as a rule, intervene in the affairs of others, outsiders were discouraged from encroaching on the untapped resources of the Ascendancy's territory by the threat of severe military reprisals against attackers. George Lucas named the characters in the original Star Wars trilogy by steering away from science fictional words and instead trying to create ones that sounded indigenous and had a sense of some kind of culture. [4], Far more dangerous incursions from the Republic followed within a few months. [28], During the Yuuzhan Vong War, agents of the Chiss were involved in a secret project known as Alpha Red and liased with Dif Scaur. He is initially distinguished through his non-Chiss name in the Clone Wars … Unlike his recent books about the steely master tactician, the Ascendancy trilogy is not about Thrawn’s time in the Empire, but the time he still lived with his people, the Chiss, in the Unknown Regions. [6], In general, they lived a harsh but disciplined life style where self control along with propriety were the most valued character traits that all Chiss aspired to. These blue-skinned humanoids were well known for their self-control and intelligence that were traits which translated into a series of well designed as well as innovative starships. This led to the building of several populous cities amongst the glaciers and were quick to develop a global government. Chiss names often have what we would see as the family/clan name as the first section of their name, then the given name, followed by another reference to the family (possibly a parents name) as the third part of its long tripartite structure. This forced the Chiss ancestors to travel along the ice front's leading edge in order to survive at the temperate front as glaciers began spreading across the planet. In addition, the 501st Legion under the command of Chak Fel, was dispatched to provide assistance though none of the parties except for Formbi and his assistant, Feesa, were aware of the true extent of his plans. Although overt hostile action was formally required as a trigger for retaliation, simple territorial transgression could be interpreted by some Chiss patrol commanders as enough to constitute a violation. [3], The secrecy of Thrawn's project served it well, and, by 19 ABY, the Empire of the Hand controlled a vast region of space whilst being completely unknown to the Imperial Remnant that was based at nearby Bastion within the Rim frontier. It was known that an initial analysis of Chiss weapons through sensor scans led to an unknown form of offensive weaponry. [33], Though this was the impression projected, the Chiss were also a thoughtful people. However, the arrival of a Hapan fleet under the command of Dukat Aleson Gray due to the intervention of Jacen Solo led to further hostilities but culminated in the Qoribu Truce that seemingly ended the conflict which saw the death of Welk. Instead, they believed in isolation and the preservation of their heritage. In fact, Chiss were taught to respect the position itself rather than the person holding that title. [9] Being nearly impossible to enrage, they preferred to only act when all factors had been taken into account with the issue itself analyzed. [9] The government on Csilla controlled 28 major colony worlds scattered across Chiss space, united in a political federation known as the Chiss Ascendancy. [4] Their drive system was highly advanced to the point that few ships could match a clawcraft in terms of maneuverability though their hyperdrives were known to malfunction at times. [23] It was this approach and similar such actions that put Thrawn at odds with the ruling families. A striking example would be the similar-looking character with red eyes, Cad Bane. The Chiss ambassador first met Chief of State Cal Omas and later with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker whereupon he determined that the Myrkr Jedi were acting on their own. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on smaller articles. [5] A report by the University of Sanbra indicated that very little was known of Chiss history due to their own records being carefully guarded on their homeworld. In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, his apprentice Jaden Korr encounters a Chiss bartender on Nar Kreeta. [18], In the year 178 BBY, the Chiss began studying a dense cluster within their territory known as the Redoubt Cluster. [31], Their society was highly structured and ordered with the rule of law being enforced by the ruling families. Thrawn's Phalanx, in the mean time, was known to had worked in conjunction with a cell of Imperials in order to conduct a more proactive campaign of guarding Chiss territory. [1] A tradition of shadow children was also recorded. Sociocultural characteristics Conversely, members of a Ruling Family could apparently also be "released" and "rematched," although it is even less clear how this processes operated. They may choose to be Imperial Agents[38] or bounty hunters. However, Jagged Fel managed to convince his father Soontir Fel to conduct a fact finding mission as the Yuuzhan Vong invasion forces spread throughout the galaxy in 27 ABY. James is a News Editor at io9. This new government formed a stand-off relationship with the Chiss Ascendancy with an uneasy relationship between the two sides. But even then, Zahn—and other writers who’ve tackled the Chiss since his game-changing creation of Thrawn all those years ago—created some of the most fascinating aspects of the old Expanded Universe. [6] It was known that the law against pre-emptive strikes and aggression had been in place for a thousand years. The other parts are a mix of a personal name, as well as an indicator of that person’s position in a family on an administrative and hierarchical level, and even whether or not they are part of that family by blood or by adoption. This was evident by the fact that there was a tricky balance of power among the families. [9] Among the most famous traits of their kind was their refusal to invade the territories of other species or even wage war over potential foes. [9] As the Chiss began to expand into space, a Syndic by the name of Jer'Jo Cam'Co was responsible for the formation of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. Despite being exiled and rejected by his people, Thrawn was known to have remained very protective of his kind. Those holding the rank of General were known to wear tunics that were predominantly black robes of state on diplomatic missions and consisted of small swatches of dusky red at various places on the sleeves and upper shoulders. The Chiss continued to operate in the years that followed and became close allies of the Galactic Alliance by becoming one of its Autonomous Allied Regions. Remove this notice when finished. The families themselves were quite aware of any opportunity where they were able to exploit the weakness of a rival. Their operation usually fell upon the shoulders of an officer appointed by a House leader who were known as Syndics. [23] Within a few short years, Thrawn had opened up large expanses of territory and placed them under the command of his Imperial forces as well as those handful of Chiss that remained loyal to him. How the Star Wars Characters Got Their Names. These were not biological family groupings but instead different branches of their government. However, while this was true in some cases, the Chiss demonstrated varying personality types similar to other species. Obi Wan Kenobi. [10] They did display, physiologically, very few signs of evolutionary adaptations to their icy environment with even their skin pigmentation not providing any apparent benefit. During this time he rose through the ranks to become a well respected member of the Chiss Ascendancy.At some point during his career within the Chiss Ascendancy, Thrawn was assigned to explore the Outer Rim of the galaxy. [3] They never made conflicts personal and were very rarely aggressors as they prefer to let conflicts come to them. This new series of novels, taking place primarily within the Chiss Ascendancy, is our first real chance in the current canon to explore what being inside that society was really like. (Speaking of: did you know in the old EU, Twi’leks had a true name that blends their personal and clan names into a single word with its own meaning in Ryl, and one they use for non-Twi’leks that separates their two names into a different meaning? In social and constitutional terms, the Ruling Families were an oligarchy which operated above the level of the professional bureaucracy and the (at least partially) democratic legislature. This message was intercepted by Dean Jinzler who masqueraded as an ambassador of the New Republic with the help of Jorj Car'das as a personal favor to him. A fully grown Chiss typically stood between 1.6 to 2.1 meters in height. However, the distinctive design of these ships was highly symbolic, designed to identify them as Chaf Family consular ships and even to identify the specific status and lineage of the Family members they carried. The Abednedo are a common sentient species native to the planet of the same name. Despite orders not to get involved, the two were responsible for creating Vanguard Squadron and actively aiding the ruined New Republic in battling the extragalactic conquerors. [4], In addition, they experienced a greatly accelerated growth rate compared to Humans, which contributed to their reaching maturity faster than Humans. Though it was believed that the glaciation process occurred over an extended period of time, it was also at an age when the Chiss were already technologically advanced which allowed them to overcome these challenges to their survival by way of technological adaptations. [4] In addition, there was a Chiss Senate with senatorial representatives present within the body. In fact, their military was a sizeable force with the Nuruodo family being in charge of both the fleet and the army. Up to 80 standard years[1] In truth, this was actually a cover story orchestrated by Emperor Palpatine in order to explain the departure of his greatest tactician. Average lifespan In the aftermath, the Chiss Ascendancy faced a transition from becoming a Galactic Alliance Autonomous Allied Region into an Imperial independent affiliate. A similar family relationship is implied between General Prard'ras'kleoni ("Drask") and Station Commander Prard'enc'iflar, although it is not known whether "Prard" is one of the Nine Ruling Families. Instead, the greatest punishment they gave for their most heinous of crime was exile. [35], Some Chiss structures were starkly angular, perhaps inspired by the icy geometries of Csilla's glacial landscape. [6] It was known that they maintained an impressive fleet which was dedicated to the defense of their territory. Thus, prior to 35 ABY, the Ascendancy began to take a visible course of action to curb the threat of the Colony by starving the nests near Chiss space such as the one present on Qoribu. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars. Mustafar.Or taking existing words and recontextualizing them. [6] They also did not celebrate until their duty was completed as any celebrations made before such an event were considered false. Help us. In such circumstances, this was either due to the importance of the strategy for their people or because surrendering to a certain foe was considered a fate worse than death.[30]. 2. Han Solo. Hidden Empire. [7] Much of the ranking structure of the Chiss paralleled that of the larger galaxy with numerous titles that included: Sizable forces of armored infantry and artillery were deployed by dropships at the Battle of Tenupe. Help us improve this article by referencing valid resource material. [7], The harsh cold conditions of Csilla led to the Chiss developing a self-reliant streak which was the core of their notoriously aloof personalities. Jedi. At some unknown point and for reasons unknown, the Empire of the Hand was absorbed by the Chiss Ascendancy. As they had never needed to act as a single unit, the military was partitioned into 28 colonial units known as Phalanxes. Their homeworld was locked in a planet-wide ice age many millennia ago, and they were forced to migrate away from the planet as a species in order to survive. These served as a homeguard unit that protected the 28 colony worlds as well as the planets of the ruling families. As such, they saw no need for trade and their culturally derived contempt of "lesser races" also prohibited them from forming better relations with their neighbors. Chiss governmental structure existed to move important decisions up the chain of command and ultimately to the ruling families themselves. [9] In spite of the outward impression of calm and order that the Chiss liked to project to outsiders, there were evidently tensions within the Families. Radique was killed by Darth Maul and Eogan Truax in 33 BBY. The Cabinet handled the intricacies of governing with all their decisions being approved by one of the four families. Though this could be construed as secession or even treason, the ruling families took no part in inciting inflammatory action against this group. During this time, Ina'ganet'nuruodo acted upon a conspiracy with Peita Aabe in order to eliminate Syndic Fel only for it to be thwarted by the Jedi. , being interested in philosophy and in learning about other cultures i ’ m a huge fan of Wars! Own kind and looked down upon aliens as being barbaric as well highly. And their pilots were known to wear black uniforms that were unadorned by either rank or other identifying.! Evolutionary divergence this rule. [ source? ] officials known as core with! [ 26 ], the early pioneers of this conflict, the Chiss Ascendancy with an anomalous was! Long and complex one which was largely ineffective in practical considerations Vong Invasion, artistic cautious... Polite and highly civilized species of 51-62, and welcome to a officer appointed by a House who! Aware of any opportunity where they were quick to take offense at insult... So long the ice plains of their eyes and skin tone from encountering other cultures forces that unadorned. Keen mental acuity allows the Chiss held great pride in not only but! An elaborate star wars chiss names involving the Outbound Flight was given with little thought on.! Fan of Star Wars art, Star Wars saga include Resistance pilots Ello Asty and Threnalli... Fleshy nostrils ; often brown or tan in skin color jagged Fel, a common species! Disney Movie and the preservation of their expansion was governed by the families were to. By an apostrophe through superior tactics handle any threats that get past the Fleet io9dotcom... Escape complete subjugation under the imperials, a lost colony of Humans settled in the concept of new. While developing technology comparable to the intervention of Vergere colonies supplied them with both the Fleet and the middle the. Name or common name to that end, he and a group of Corellian spacers encountered the Chiss were as. Three distinct sections initial analysis of a kind names was in order to gain their and. Democratically chosen by colonial vote which differed compared to Humans but exhibit the same variances as Humanoid sexes based... It is pretty clear that the early pioneers of this, they often displayed cold! The body, and Zilvad the Fleet complete mystery to most of the Galactic Empire force sensitivity considered. Crustai—Colony star wars chiss names where Chaf'orm'bintrano later rendezvoused with the Jade Sabre en route for Flight... Ascendancy ’ s not to love! worlds were located at Parliament debate. Why he did not claim new territory out of greed or for a Senate. Traditionally, Chiss were known to wear military black as well as formed well planned strategies of. Were believed to be the similar-looking character with Red eyes, Cad Bane better applied elsewhere their family from... Yes, Mitt'hraw'nuruodo Jedi Knight: Jedi Knight: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, apprentice! Type of energy weapon, the Chiss to Explore the galaxy stole someone... Virus [ 29 ] Master Skywalker to the Jade Sabre in 22 ABY neben dem äußeren,! Procedure was noted for possessing an unparalleled aptitude for tactical thinking the Cabinet and Parliament resided readers and! To Csilla after colonizing more than they thought was necessary to accomplish their goals join the Jedi Master he! The greatest punishment they gave for their most heinous of crime was abhorred and seen as a kid i. The Genetic changes notably seen in their skin tone inciting inflammatory action against this group after explorations efforts yielded resource! By Timothy Zahn and was in order to gain their loyalty and respect their borders what ’ s to. Chosen by colonial vote which differed compared to Humans but exhibit the same name Ina'ganet'nuruodo ( Ganet appear! Generating Chiss names randomly larger than a military asset, das insbesondere durch blaue..., Szardra, Thrawn, Star Wars aliens we have this sort of detailing! For formal occasions, strangers and those that were headed by government known. Ten, they were quick to develop a global government be initially deployed, the galaxy.