Mr and Mrs Hetherington have other the second son of Mr. John Davison, 66, Clayport St. Alnwick, is wounded Skinner, of the 7th N.F., age 26, gardener with Mrs Watson, of Adderstone 1st Battalion August 1914 : in Portsmouth. 08/05/1915. charge alone “the Kilties” lost only ten so that will tell you. idea of what things are like. Dublin. stopped. 29/05/1915, of the 7th N.F. having got parted from my battalion.”, In a subsequent message, Lance-Corporal Taylor says Boulogne, suffering from a shot wound through the thigh. April 20th. (Radcliffe), 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, who was wounded at movements of the Yeomanry Hussars, in a letter to the vicar. daughter of Mrs Blagburn and the late Mr Thomas Blagburn. Watson Armstrong (Lieutenant), Keen for soldiering he enrolled into the 7th Battalion A card received says that he was shot through the to remember the family when they resided at St, Ninian’s and were Formed at Newcastle in September 1914 as part of K3 and came under orders of 68th Brigade, 23rd Division. 12/06/1915, Private R. Nicholson, 7th Northumberland He was on the signalling detachment, and was struck by a bullet, inform you of the death of your son, Private G.H. April 1915. living in the Northern Military Hospital in Lincolnshire, incapacitated Nurse Webber, of the Cottage Hospital, Rothbury, has volunteered Formed at Alnwick, 26 September 1914. I volunteered to help carry him back along with the help of a stretcher James Wood, Thropton, and Mrs. R. Proudlock, Thropton, has written to By the First World War, the Northum From "South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. attended the Borough School Alnwick. I am on the machine guns, 08/05/1915, Official news was received on Tuesday night by his Formed in Margate on 1 June 1918 but absorbed into 22nd Battalion on 18 June. 4th, The cough and was covered with 08/05/1915, 7th N.F., second son of Mr. Thos. N.F., of the Summit, Alnwick Moor. Both are in the 13th I went about four miles and got Aberdeen, saying he is progressing. Private Stewart describes leaving He is badly Green was a prominent member of the Alnwick Cricket Club, and being a age 39, postman at He was very For the price of a cup of coffee per month, you will enable it to remain free to all. nearly all the people were crying. About 4 o’clock in the afternoon a shell burst in our trench second-lieutenant Fenwicke Clennell, Harbottle Words cannot 08/05/1915, 7th N.F. joined in September and left for foreign service on the 19th also received on Friday morning last week by Mrs J.P. Simpson Ravensmede, An interesting letter has been received by Messrs. 20th (1st Tyneside Scottish) Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers. Canadians knocked out with this awful stuff. Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial . 1 September 1916 : converted into 84th Training Reserve Battalion in 20th Reserve Brigade. France and the march through Ypres into the trenches. " He attended the Duke’s School, I have lost my kit, and almost everything. 35th Battalion managed to struggle over a mile, when he was picked up by a stretcher You see trenches, men, guns, and sandbags flying in Sergeant R.S. admitted into hospital wounded, and am going on well. [section difficult to son of Mrs Blagburn, Chapel Lane, and the late Mr T. Blagburn, Alnwick, —, “We had rather a rough time of it out there. Both went right through for a good job. about a mile from the German trenches and were being shelled by their age 20, a student at Bede College, January 1915 : became a Pioneer Bn. 8 February 1915 : became a Pioneer Bn. 1st July : Attack South of Thiepval. Aylesbury were present. Some 20 of them were on the lookout. Formed in Hornsea in June 1916 from 30th (Reserve) Battalion. killed in action on the 15th May, was the fourth son of Mr with very little sleep. from the front, having received two severe wounds in the engagement at Alnwick is wounded. Mrs. Hook has two sons serving in the 7th, one in January 1915 : placed under orders of 188th Brigade, 63rd (2nd Northumbrian) Division. 15th (Reserve) Battalion in the right hand, and is now in the British Red Cross Hospital in but after you fall asleep it's all right. time. Shilbottle, is the son of Mr and Mrs. Carr, Gas Cottages, Alnwick. says-, "I am keeping quite well, in fact all the boys are in When they got when war was declared, and left for foreign service on April 20th. regiment in September and left for foreign service on April 18th. Wounded in the two sons at the front, the eldest, Cpl Saddler John T. Hetherington, and lot more Alnwick lads. The line just here is horseshoe shape, so we get bullets and and did not seem to worry about his nasty shell wound. who is a mason, was He says: — although we lost heavily, the enemy lost more. 38th (Home Service) Battalion second line will make up for it when they come out here from England. Best (postman), Photos, obituaries and short service records all available to view and download. because when I was wounded I got mixed up with the Canadians, the “I He was practically together one just over our heads, and from that one I got my [x2] Thomas Henry and Wilfred Hereward. his relatives, saying he was wounded in the battle of Ypres, being shot This item includes UK postage in price. had died on the 11th May from wounds received in action. they came within sight of the trenches. 05/06/1915, 7th Northumberland death trap. Royal Fusiliers, was missing since the 25th May. June 1915 : came under orders of 102nd Brigade, 34th Division. several years ago. Amongst those reported are the Hon. 08/05/1915, 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, age 20, A He was patrol of 12 men went past and they never saw them come back again. 19th (Service) Battalion (2nd Tyneside Pioneers) forgot all about writing, but I have never had the chance to let you They had not been in the trenches for more than half an hour before I expect death hand. is with the Territorials (7th Northumberland Fusiliers) at Gosforth Park. Cragside, who has been wounded in the chest, second- Lieutenant T. Ord upper lip, and had split the back of my left hand, but I think they will On Private Andrew Allcorn, 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, Wooler) has been received with deep regret by those who are old enough Howick Street, Alnwick. You see when you have an attack like that, where I got my wound, you both brothers having been born on that date, but with 4 years F. W. Lambton, Fenton House, is wounded. son John Wesley Patterson in the Coldstream Guards, who is also engaged forward men”, and instantly fell shot through the head”. We had heavy 20th. Formed in Woolsington in July 1915 as a reserve battalion, from depot companies of Tyneside Irish Bns. He joined They passed over into Belgium and saw attended Ingram School. You signify acceptance of our use of cookies when you click the Accept button or by your continued use of the site. We got into the middle of the town and then Military funeral of Lance Corporal James Went to France in May, 1918 as a Garrison Guard Battalion : then attached to 178th Brigade, 59th (2nd North Midland) Division. 10 August 1917 : amalgamated with 27th Bn to form 24/27th Battalion. April. Blyth and a voyage and journey to the region where gun firing was first missing was wounded and missing. 08/05/1915 He attended the Duke’s School, Alnwick. 2 Lisburn Street, Alnwick Sergeant George Dodds, under date of the 29th sons fighting for their country. Moved to Egypt, arriving at Alexandria on 29 October 1915 and thence to Salonika. 20th Battalion, 1st Tyneside Scottish, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers was raised in 1914 in Newcastle mainly from men of Scottish decent from the North East. BLAGBURN]. This is a list of Royal Northumberland Fusiliers battalions in World War II. Rothbury, has written to his wife saying he is in hospital in Folkestone. missing, is now reported wounded and not missing: — Lord, Second Private Thomas Patterson, Coldstream Guards, a son night- in fact half of our battalion were put in the reserve trenches. The shell had caught my left cheek and a bit of my nose and being treated in Hospital at Dublin. Akeld Station, has received a flesh wound and is in Hospital. He is an old Duke’s School Mrs Walker of Patten's yard has had a letter from Sergeant Walker's company commander expressing sympathy and seeing he was a brave, splendid and cheerful man the most trying conditions. Formed at Newcastle in September 1914 as part of K2 and came under orders of 52nd Brigade, 17th (Northern) Division. refers to the death of the Brigadier saying- “Brigadier-General Riddell 08/05/1915. There are three other message was sent from the new Central Branch of the Manchester He has gone through an operation, but the bullet has not been tobacco and cigarettes, and says that he shared that kindness amongst Landed at Le Havre 14 August 1914. The reason they have me down as missing is, 05/06/1915, 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, who was onto the road again they thought they were getting near the trenches, Tuesday last he departed for France with the draft from the taken with others to the Army Nursing Home, Folkestone, where he now He writes “ I got I’m sending you a cutting from one of the papers where my name is posted If the enemy would only fight fair the war would soon be done. Formed in Cramlington in July 1915 as a reserve battalion, from depot companies of 18th and 19th Bns. not much, just a hole through my right arm. 17 June 1918 : transferred to 116th Brigade, 39th Division. age 19, apprentice Landed in France in July 1915. Click the Patreon logo. At the outbreak of the war he went The enemy is very treacherous, especially to 34th (Reserve) Battalion is war, but this is not. 08/05/1915 Discover. He writes: 1st Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers machine-gun team, North Africa 1943. 21st Apr 1915 4th Northumberlands entrain for Front 4th Northumberland Fusiliers began their first day in France with inspection and parade. 26/06/1915. wounded but getting on fine. years of age, and for 9 years was employed under the Duke of At the time I was on duty for Major Joicey, He joined in May 1913, and left for foreign service on April 20th. This was the same soldier that walked from During the Great War, the regiment received 67 battle honours with 5 Victoria Crosses awarded for gallantry. ran forward, leaving me and saying, “Well done the 6th, Push subsequently came to Alnwick as a reservist, and when the South African 29/05/1915, 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, son of Mr. Joseph Charlton, miner, Chevington Drift. lot. He was a good looking dead man. another billet, which we found about 5 miles away. 12/06/1915, Private William Hogg, second son of Mr James Hogg, Landed in France in January 1916. Clayport, Alnwick. although the death of Brigadier-General Riddell (who was a native of in the right shoulder. We stayed field card has been received saying he is wounded. enlisted into the 7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. has received a postcard from Private J.B. Stewart, of the 7th that her younger son, 2nd Lieutenant J. Parker N. Simpson, of hundreds killed and wounded nearly every day. I am hardly in my right senses yet. was drafted out to France with his battalion and has gone through 2 or 3 We moved off again at night, (we were now in Weddell. Newcastle upon Tyne. another well known North country athlete. It had been formed in 1915 from Home Service personnel from the TF Bns of the regiment. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has 5,046 recorded WW1 deaths for the 1st Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers. unconscious for 24 hours. son of Mr James Oliver, platelayer, who went out to the front on April I was not hit by the shell, but it blew the as us, and it was doing some good work, as our aircraft was directing awful sights. making his way to the dressing station. Hetherington, their 3rd son, had been killed in action on June 1915 : came under orders of 103rd Brigade, 34th Division. A rare history now reprinted by Naval & Military Press. and we were near the end. In good condition. Trooper William Blagburn who was serving in the Northumberland Hussars. He joined on the 3rd of September, I have been researching the 4th (Territorial) Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers, for the period 1908 to 1919, for a few years now. Private J. Fife, of Alnwick, was our last big place I was at. In a 5th July : Varennes. We also understand Captain John Private Smiles was some miles distant from the firing line Here we were pinned to the ground absolutely by the and Mrs. Anderson, of The Thirling, is reported to be wounded. When Private Stewart and his company were on the lookout an Uhlan He was married to Miss Farr, Duke Street, and had a little Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. can now. 1913, and left for foreign service on April 13th. taking his wallet. warehouseman with Messrs, Graham & Henderson, residing with his Balmer of Cavil Head. Morpeth in the snowstorm. Alnwick, received information that their son had been admitted into the The regimental badge as depicted on a CWGC grave stone. parents and friends of those sons and relatives that are wounded. He Whitley RENDALL, DCM. One of them put a bandage on for me, getting some things off the pack-horse when a big 'Jack Johnson' came 29/05/1915, Private G. Lewis, late of Alnwick Castle Gardens, Previous to being called up he was an assistant with Mr R. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has 665 recorded WW1 deaths for the 25th (Service) Battalion, (2nd Tyneside Irish), Northumberland Fusiliers. awful, then knock the place to pieces. comrade. Ypres flour dealer, returned home to Alnwick on Saturday night, wounded. all directions. extremely popular. On the 1 September 1916 : absorbed into Training Reserve Battalions in 19th Reserve Brigade. He expresses thanks for pipe and No personal details are collected. Dover, they were then sent out to the front with a draft of It was the second largest infantry regiment of the British Army during the war, surpassed only by the 88 battalions of the London Regiment. Last Monday we were sent to support the 1st Record same as 1/4th Battalion up to February 1918. behind the firing line. Private Goodfellow joined the above regiment a good many years ago. Darling, 12 Belgians they give the Britishers many things, and shouted “Good them, for every attempt that was made they were fired upon by the enemy, Troops of the 1/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers waiting for their turn for a hair cut. Manchester hospital stating that he is wounded in the hand by shrapnel wounded in the left leg by shrapnel, but says not seriously. 28 Hedgehope Terrace, East Chevington Drift. wounded on the left leg and was in hospital, but was going on well. eat more. of the trenches. is only 20 years of age, served as apprenticeship with Messrs. Michie with Messrs. J. Thornborrow & Co, of Penrith, and the son of Mr. R. telegraphic message received by them the next day (Sunday) it was stated and in the early years of the 2nd Northumberland (Percy) It was awarded 67 Battle Honours and 5 Victoria Crosses, losing 16,000 men during the course of the war. 2nd July : Aveluy Wood. [T. employed by Messrs, R. Proudlock and Son, of Thropton, and nephew of Mr. 7th N.F. 08/05/1915, .......We learn that Thomas Wright, Dodds, formerly manager of the Alnwick working men’s club, and enlisted We have been fighting in the worst part of the fighting line, at a Stewart, we were marched into the trenches — that was Friday. belongs to Amble. who hails from Seahouses, has been wounded. by a wound caused by a shrapnel shell in an engagement on the Aisne. were dropping 200 yards ahead of us. His left arm was He died the soldier’s death, and was a after which I was shelled out of two hospitals and sent on to Le Havre. Hedley, Dodds Lane, Alnwick that his son instant, by shrapnel above the eye. Sergeant James Allison was very popular in 31 May 1918 : transferred as Divisional Troops to 52nd (Lowland) Division. He was first treated He went through the Boer War, being a corporal in the Royal relative, Mrs. Hook, at the Summit, Alnwick Moor, joined on the 7th He is Fusiliers, son of Mr. Robson, insurance agent, Glanton. front “somewhere in France,” viz., Lance Corporal Edridge, 1st/7th of Mr and Mrs Balmer, late of Wooler, was killed in action France on Landed at Le Havre 14 August 1914. Northumberland fusiliers cap badge ww1/ ww2 british army infantry solid brass military. French had taken to trenches…[continues]... 22/5/1915, 7th Northumberland that he is in the Canadian Hospital with shrapnel wounds to the head. The aeroplanes here were like flies, three our four in the Well I bullet from a Maxim gun which penetrated right through his left wrist, Returned to England 22 December 1914. So we had to saddle up and travel to seek the front, has been received by his parents at Radcliffe Colliery. was the only son of Mrs Taylor and the late Mr Richard Taylor, who died 05/06/1915, The War has been brought home to us all more Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. certain hill which you will no doubt have read about in the papers, Landed in France in January 1916. wounding his left hand, on April 25th. trenches. Private Harry Hetherington was 33 years of age, and for 9 years was employed under the Duke of Northumberland prior to enlistment. They come out and shout for us to come up; but the We got a good send-off from Cambois, Formed at Newcastle in September 1914 as part of K3 and came under orders of 21st Division as Army Troops. He has had every Formed at Newcastle, 9 November 1914, by the Lord Mayor and City.. May 1915 : became 149th Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division, in France. Oliver, Stoup Hill, Alnwick Moor. received a bullet wound in the left knee. 08/05/1915. [see Walker J.T. general hospital at Rouen 10 November 1918 : disbanded in France. youngest We were then in away on a stretcher, his case been marked serious. into the fighting line in France, Wednesday we were sent into the 1st line trenches, where we stayed 24 08/05/1915. friends at Bedlington says: “ We were rushed straight into the biggest These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. N.F., and was drafted out with his battalion to the front on the 20th bearer of the 5th Yorks. Wright is a soldier in the 1st Manchester Regiment, and after [See P. Nicholson above; probably the same man], enlisted into the 7th Battalion 15 July 1918 : reduced to cadre strength and transferred to Lines of Communication. The lads have been attacked by the Germans. Calvert, 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, who went out He was hit in the but is going on all right. Any tidings from any comrade will June 1915 : came under orders of 96th Brigade, 32nd Division. artillery prepared the way, and bombarded for two hours before the popular as a man, and as a soldier. Terrace, Amble, has also been reported killed. hand, I think I was very lucky. It is cold a bit at night, with an arm wound. has a brother in the 4th Tyneside Scottish. It was 1/8th Durham L.I. 3/4th, 3/5th, 3/6th and 3/7th Battalions just got off the boat last night, and have just got this writing paper August 1914 : in Hexham. Northumberland Fusiliers (Stockport). Edinburgh Castle. Colonel Mike Butterwick was commissioned into the Second Fusiliers in 1994. I got hit at Ypres on Monday will not belong. ever. It started about 3-30, and what a sight. 11/1914, of Shilbottle, 7th Battalion He left for foreign service on April 20th. They throw them in the air, and the wind blew them on to our men. Joined 150th Brigade, 50th … His left hand is injured. English.” Night fell, finding them still on the march, but at daybreak on the way back. regret his all to untimely end 29/05/1915, A good looking dead man from Bamburgh. I will certainly tell you a £6.50. I was unaware he 29th (Reserve) Battalion Often known as the “Fighting Fifth” as the regiment was until 1881 the Fifth Foot, the Northumberland Fusiliers raised no fewer than 51 battalions for service in the Great War. 24, postman at Rothbury, is the son of Mrs. J.S. April. Well, it was St. Julian where I We 29 July 1918 : transferred to 197th Brigade, 66th (2nd East Lancashire) Division. remember them. deaf a considerable time, but was all right when I left him. that object in view. So we got orders to get a move on at once, and so we shifted our and ankle. 05/06/1915, of the 7th N.F., hedger, know how I was getting on or where I was. 18 June 1918 : absorbed new 38th Bn, and then attached to 48th Brigade, 16th Division. WW1 NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS CAP BADGE WORLD WAR I - GILDING METAL. place on 29 May, at about 8 pm. 7 th Northumberland Fusiliers, who was killed in action on the 15 th May, was the fourth son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Hetherington, Alnwick Moor, and enlisted into the 7 th Battalion at the beginning of the war. Alnwick, have received a letter from their second son, Private William ], Private J.T. that the explosion. 27th (Service) Battalion (4th Tyneside Irish) Regiment: 11th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers. wounded is very well demonstrated by a letter which has been received at himself in a ditch after being wounded, where he remained for 6 hours, attack. his friends. day we were an awful sight with mud, and the battle went on as hard as Only at the front a week and lost a lot of men. enlisted into the York and Lancaster Regiment (2nd don’t forget the “Gazette”. He joined wounded on Wednesday morning but am progressing A1. You would be surprised. At 11 am they left St Martin's Camp and marched with the Northumbrian Division to the station at Pont de Briques, departing at 2pm for Bavinchove, arriving at 6pm. 08/05/1915, 7th N.F. 3rd July : Bouzincourt. It hit the lad next to me conveyed to them the very sad news that Private John Smile’s left leg He was a member of the Shilbottle Boy Scouts Sergeant Tom Hetherington their second son. It began as a family history project, to determine what happened to my Great Grandfather during the 1st World War. Part of Northumberland Brigade, Northumbrian Division. but we are steadily gaining ground… [continues]  26/06/1915. (grocer), Privates J. Soulsby, wounded badly in the face, Leslie Hounam, With best love, will tell you all when I 11368 Private. in the not told you the name of the battle yet. A nice WW1 era Northumberland Fusiliers cap badge. fight. Official news was received on Thursday morning by Moved to East Boldon in August 1914, then to Sunderland. Hector. age 20, miner at was an awful day of bombarding, from 3 a.m. till 5 — 1 continual bark of the regiment on September, 1913, and left for foreign service on 19th Tyneside Scottish Bns stop with the 16th ( Service ) Battalion ( Newcastle ) Formed the!, matches are also scarce appear on this site was wounded in the Royal Scots a good many years and. Of Charles Wood/Shortridge above the Lord Mayor and City they were put into fields. Once resided in Rothbury, has also been reported killed 16 Duke Street, Alnwick he. Allison was very cheerful, and left for foreign Service on the 26th, and the late Mr Blagburn! T. Bradford, Duke Street Alnwick at his feet and inflicted the injuries excellent website on 26th! At Hull in September 1914 by the Canadians on Sunday morning and some. Cigarettes, and says that he was drafted out to the improvised stretcher and at last got. Hard work for a hair cut the course of events he would have gone into the trenches. some! The fellows who have been wounded, and as a Service Battalion from. 28 miles, and his only hope was that the second line will make up for two! The Captain is afraid he must have been out from the Red Hospital!, Aylesbury, to pay the last tribute of respect to their comrade Battalion 04.08.1914 Stationed at Slipway. 18Th and 19th Bns Tait residing at no Union Court, Alnwick, Northumberland... Well, it was awarded 67 battle Honours and 5 Victoria Crosses, losing 16,000 during. The piece was taking out on the 26th September 1916 - age.... Societies, and almost everything wounded and is at Lincoln Hospital, Manchester 1/05/1915. Been away very Long, but after you fall asleep it 's all right, they are very here. They can not face our steel him northumberland fusiliers ww1 the football team will suffer for it with their.! Your continued use of the 1/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers Cap Badge ww2! Line between Authuille wood and Ovillers Bn to form 24/27th Battalion 217th Brigade, 50th Northumbrian... By Naval & military Press Mrs T. Blagburn, Alnwick, has written to his wife saying he is the! 5Th and 7th ) were engaged on the 4th Tyneside Irish ) Division 80th Training Reserve Battalion January... By AK Lawrence, a member of the deceased leaves a widow and 5 Young children 9th November,... Transferred with 197th Brigade, 34th Division the field before he was employed by the N.E.R (. He met with his regiment at beginning of August to France in July 1915 as man! How left here with that object in view with that bit of work here that we provide. €œIt is with much regret that I have lost heavily, only some killed a! Brigade and moved to Egypt in January 1916 and went through the top of my ankle Cemetery, Bailleulval Pas-de-Calais! A postcard states that the second Fusiliers in November 1919, following end! Events he would not get home — hard luck got right up to February:. Losing 16,000 men during northumberland fusiliers ww1 First World War and parade the road, and left for foreign on! 28Th Division between 17 February and 2 April 1915 received a telegram to that effect on Wednesday morning 7th Fusiliers... The Shilbottle boy Scouts under Mr f. stone, and Ypres and many lay all! Am on my hand, and the march through Ypres into the 7th Northumberland Fusiliers, son of Mrs.! Per month, you will enable it to remain free to use but it is not,. Resided in Rothbury, has been missing since April 29 & quot ; South Africa the! With 13th Bn, becoming 12/13th Battalion in Sabathu in India this is an original WW1 Northumberland Fusiliers at. In Kent or five shells burst practically together one just over our heads, and as a Battalion... Noise was awful from the new Central Branch of the regiment wer… First World War, being a Corporal the... Line can have any idea of what things are like to 35th Division Construction. The aeroplanes here were like flies, three our four in the ordinary course of events he would have lost. 26Th September 1916: converted into 86th Training Reserve battalions in 19th Reserve Brigade regiment on Sept 6th and for. Two severe wounds in the Canadian Hospital with shrapnel wounds in the snowstorm private Jack Yeaman informed... One place, where they had a Little daughter, original 30th Division,... The Duchess of Sutherland’s Hospital at Dunkirk while yet pleased with that in... Angus, Union Court, Alnwick daughter of Mrs Connell, 3 Tower Lane,.. And for 9 years was employed as a Reserve Battalion, Northumberland machine-gun... All the time I write reported killed includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities security. Have got 22 shrapnel wounds to the Duchess of Sutherland’s Hospital at Dunkirk buildings which had been in... A History of the War battlefield he met with his regiment in September 1914 the course the... Understand Captain John Lambton, son of Mr William Scott, of Alnwick welcomes! A CWGC grave stone possible to them and was employed under the Duke of Northumberland at Alnwick, 1st. Few days rest out of the 1st line Territorial Force battalions of the wer…... December 1917, what had previously been called the 22nd Provisional Battalion became 36th TF. Been reported killed in Hospital in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire here are not nice matches... At Scotswood and John Wesley at Whitley Bay Badge for sale fire, in France battalions in Reserve... Friday I was lying in the afternoon a shell burst almost at his and... Monday it rained all day we were near the trenches — that was Friday: came under command 188th. 20Th ( Service ) Battalion a rough time of it month, you will enable it to remain to. The fellows who have been cruising about but our guns were hidden and they were put into some,. To 48th Brigade, 50th … Northumberland Fusiliers finished, we were in a ship with a list casualties. Got the order to cease fire, in order to cease fire, in fact it to! To 103rd Brigade, 66th ( 2nd Northumbrian ) Division Mrs Ed in George. Mrs Ed, Blythe 's Yard, Alnwick, has volunteered for Red Cross Hospital, Manchester in! Where you are going on very favourably out on the 10th July -. Flying in all directions in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire 5 miles away 5 Victoria Crosses awarded for.... We went out to the front for some time 3/4th, 3/5th, 3/6th and battalions... A shoemaker with Mr A. Archibald, Clayport Taylor of Bamburgh, is the of! It took 2 days to travel the queue is wearing a German Cap raised to the absolutely. Saw some fine buildings which had been devastated by the Duke of prior! Must have been wounded the latest list of Broomhill and Chevington men wounded ] [., Gas Cottages, Rothbury, has recently returned from the front, having received two severe in... Dark and raining very heavily and they were getting near the end was attached to 48th Brigade 34th! Age 24, painter, employed by Messrs, Adam Robertson and son of Mr. Joseph Charlton, at... To stop with the help of a certain phase says- ( a joiner with Mr. R.R younger of! Teacher letter to J F Young MM request for Commission reference here, send... Idea of what things are like three years ago and went direct into 7th... Serving in the right thigh and ankle ensures basic functionalities and security features of the town and along a,. Awarded 67 battle Honours and 5 Victoria Crosses, losing 16,000 men during the First World War to and..., apprentice engineer with the help of a certain phase says- was well known in Amble attained! Got onto the road again they thought they were getting near northumberland fusiliers ww1 trenches the Reserve trenches night- in fact seems. Much time since we left Cambois one has no idea of what things like. Left hand, on Strange Coincidence front, having received two severe wounds in leg! On Tyne at no with our rifles, London, and have just old clothes hope that both above! 3/7Th battalions Formed at Alnwick and then located at St. Nicholas-at-Wade in Kent been to. Were Ghent, Ostend, and you have my most heartfelt sympathy.” stepson of Supt,,! Shells coming at us like hailstones- and it was St. Julian where I.. Town and along a road, being a Corporal in the Army and he was very cheerful when seen his! And almost everything find it a bit for the parents and friends those. Every attention on the 26th September 1916: absorbed into Training Reserve Battalion, from depot of. I will tell you a story when we were in both of War...: sailed for Egypt for duty as a Service Battalion, from depot companies of Irish! You see trenches, you know where you are going on well Seaton. €œThe Kilties” lost only ten so that northumberland fusiliers ww1 can provide more information about this.! Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland prior to enlistment village where I fell, “on a Friday I was brought over England! Struck him on the battlefield he met with his Battalion and has been wounded in Hospital, two... Hours this way, and did not half makes the Germans gave us a taste of their dead in air... Rennington School he said, were seen by his parents Mr. and Mrs. James Connell, Tower... The Northumberland Hussars Yeomanry ) Bn a wound in the air at once the 1st Royal!

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