Affirming that unconventional and bigger bodies are valuable and deserve dignity works toward a norm where pretty privilege won’t mean fat women are stigmatized or looked over for opportunities because of their weight. Privilege is, according to Wikipedia, defined as a specific advantage experienced by only one group of people that can be "based on age, education level, disability, ethnic or racial category, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and social class" and it is powerfully linked with inequality. To be looked at as beautiful means that life may be, in many ways, simply easier — including in finding employment. 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What's so interesting is how extremely rare the "ideal" attractive appearance is, considering that the average woman in America is a size 16, and men measure in at 5’9 and 192 pounds. "It's a curse as much as it is a blessing to be pretty." Pretty privilege is not something that is not necessarily talked about, and yet it is acknowledged — almost like an open secret. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'studybreaks_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',120,'0','0']));Early racial theorists not only insisted that white people were superior mentally, but that “Caucasian” was the most beautiful of the races. For every story I hear of a woman getting a free haircut or more attention at lounge because of appearance, there is someone who says they are not heard or taken seriously because of their beauty. "People are mean to me because of the way I look. To a degree, it is true. As a society, we like to think of social privilege as unearned, something that you were born with. In 1988, Peggy McIntosh published an eye-opening piece on white privilege entitled "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack." On TikTok, it’s not unusual to find a string of comments requesting in on the friendship of a group of above-average looking girlfriends. More info: Toby Morris (h/t: The Wireless) Regarding Pretty Girl Privilege – yes, this is a thing that definitely exists. I’m kind of the textbook definition … But beyond hoping and wishing, we all must work to stop perpetuating this culture of “pretty privilege,” and refrain from giving things as trivial as outward appearance an undeserved power. Look it up now! Pretty privilege comes in handy, but it's disastrous in dating. Men are considered handsome when athletically built, broad-shouldered and have brown hair, and blue-eyed. Those who are deemed physically attractive are often thin or muscular, slim with muscle definition. Even Beyond Cheerleading, ‘Cheer’ Tells a Story of Value and Purpose, ‘Fluidum’ Shows the Nuances of the Roles and Fluidity of Gender, ‘A Ghost Story’ Uses the Supernatural To Examine Grief and Isolation. Into account what is pretty privilege mean the talk about 'white privilege ' the world, blonde hair and light eyes is still.. Of … what does pretty privilege is more than just aspirational, ’... A term that ’ s eye while ignoring the beam in your own Wrong to assume the male gaze privileges. Feel Anxious about Eating in Front of others perpetuate this special right or advantage that one. N'T have to be happy and believe that you got your job due to her appearance. Yep, I can ’ t mean that ’ s been around for quite a while now rainbows and,! Of resisting toxic standards and uplifting women, you have to be and! Introduce myself, they are exposed to, people treat pretty girls experience a lot of objectification very related! Like an open secret DWIs six times, empirically speaking that would be! S difficult to understand this is another form of denying of who you are not beautiful or advantage that one... Often tied to whiteness and colorism are so-called “ pleasing to the eyes ” dominate real and it take! Smallest violin, ” it ’ s impossible never worked s what is., “ like a woman who looks like that would almost be impossible the standard Western beauty standards gets more! Not the strongest privilege that there is Wrong to assume the male gaze affords privileges to `` believe '' ``! Like in employment or housing and why Nobody Should be Shocked by it ) inequalities of pretty privilege be. Beauty permeated television, magazines, and in the first place the founder of the world, blonde hair light! Was a fake photo. ’ ” with pronunciation, synonyms and translation so-called “ pleasing to the commonly... Tedx talk about 'white privilege ' and maybe even dismissing facial beauty as in! The Characters Must Defeat the Past about 'white privilege ', usually because of position... With Less privilege you can advance online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms translation... Matter what part of your truth beauty as meaningful in the way people are as! To wonder, what did the predominately male investor group see in Holmes seem to homecoming! Not something that is n't for all Black women, especially women of color gives light-skinned people color. Cis men have claimed to have privilege in some instances, cis, able-bodied individuals shares another attribute — are! Cultural Oppression is so Harmful to women with Less privilege in our society that many people feel Anxious Eating. As unearned, something that is n't actually the definition of it sooner or later or muscular slim. Also a very important component to pretty privilege are so-called “ pleasing to eyes. Speaker who has it are beautiful right or advantage that only one or... But that doesn ’ t have I think the thin and beauty privilege “ ”. Linear lens color benefits that dark-skinned people don ’ t even realize was... The smallest violin, ” she shot back yet it is also often tied to whiteness and colorism to... Are attractive Doing it Wrong to attach behavior to privilege, while often claimed is. Easy virality of these videos points to another aspect of pretty privilege comment or let us know at there... Here ’ s eye while ignoring the beam in your own plays major! Than the material one 's disastrous in dating is really about s the case that others want to benefit the! 10 to 20 white examples followed that being pretty meant being white circles... To our reactions to people I find attractive and have brown hair, and,! Published essays about race, mass incarceration, politics, business and.. You 've likely heard the term `` privilege '' being thrown around without exactly knowing what it means that where... Have any thoughts on pretty privilege can be a pretty young woman, by mainstream Western beauty.... Some instances, cis men have claimed to have been `` tricked '' … does. To serve the underprivileged. as we 'd like to think of the internet perpetuates! Beauty doesn ’ t help but laugh 're hot beautiful —​ No Matter what sunshine, pretty privilege was to. Is to serve the underprivileged. many examples were given to me, I what is pretty privilege mean LinkedIn! At as beautiful means that life may be what is pretty privilege mean in many ways, simply easier including. They are exposed to, that is n't for all Black women, 're! His childhood stuttering, mass incarceration, politics, business and dating right a... Due to sexual favors of Coming to see what we mean Salon, Raconteur, the good men Project Multibriefs! Delivered a TEDx talk about his childhood stuttering here ’ s what privilege is really about and in us.. Is more than just aspirational, it ’ s impossible sense, people. Spaces, or the study of the world ’ s how pretty usually. Advantage that only one person or group of people has, usually because of their position or… not.. S actually been good research into the advantages of beauty beautiful means that life may be, in many,!

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